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Pixeltro is a leading digital marketing agency that helps you advertise business online and grow its presence. We offer a wide range of services, including: Website and online store design and development | SEM & SMM services | Mobile app development | Branding and marketing | SEO optimization | IT support. Click below for full offer:


Our Services



All businesses need a perfect business card to show off before the world. It’s hard to sell yourself if your website or online store fall short when looked at. We can remedy this by making it a perfect lure for potential customers.


SEM & SMM Services

A great website also needs to invite people to visit it. It is our job to run successful Search Engine Ads and Social Media Ads to bring in correct user traffic that is most likely to convert into loyal customers of your business.



Outside of websites and online stores, a great way to sell yourself is by having a dedicated mobile app developed for your business. We are specialist who know how to make a great mobile app as well as progressive website app (PWA).


Branding & Marketing

All businesses need a reliable branding strategy. It is not good to only have an idea, what any brand requires is a well through off direction. The communication strategy, the way the brand presents itself are key to the success.



Just making a website or a store is not enough, contrary to popular belief. A successful website is optimized for search engines (SEO) as well as for the end users, which is how any brand wins the race against its competitors.



It doesn’t matter to us where you run your business or what IT systems you use. Our company will take care of the entire IT sphere, because we are the caretakers and partner of your business. Our and your goals are the same, to win.

Our Partners

We are proud of our collaboration with renowned partners who, together with us, create a strong network of support and business development. Thanks to our partnerships, we can offer our clients even better and more comprehensive services. If you wish to join us, write us an email, and we will discuss how we can cooperate.

Trusted Customers

Our clients are of extraordinary value to our digital marketing agency. We are extremely pleased to have gained their trust and had the opportunity to collaborate in the development of their businesses. Thanks to the strong relationships we have built with our clients, we are able to provide excellent services that are fully tailored to their individual needs.

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