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Want to know more about us? We have created a place for businesses, with the intention to oversee their growth because we love progress and expanding the horizons of yet untapped potential. As a full-cycle agency that follows the latest of internet trends from the wide world, it is our pleasure to advise in all fields we specialize in. Our expertise is always on point, with tools carefully handpicked depending on the needs of our business partners. In this way, we find not just a solution, but THE solution which positively alters the growth rate!


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No empire would work without people in charge. At the strategic table, we have handpicked generals from various fields, like programmers, SEM, SMM and SEO specialists, copywriters, graphics, and UI & UX designers. They are individuals who with professional knowledge and passion work on every project. Each of the businesses that come to us for help is treated as part of our ever-growing empire, and our specialists do their very best to remake it into something that has a bright future ahead.

Konrad Krauze

Co-Founder & Web Developer


SEO & SMM Specialist

Marcin Orlowski

Co-Founder SEM & SEO Expert


Branding Expert

Russell D.

Project Manager

More about us, our Values & History

“Your success is our success” has been our motto and following it, we have always managed to bring the best for our business partners. This in turn has been motivating us for many years.

Our story is long and is still being written, however the fact that we have thrived throughout the years is the best badge of our success. As creators and developers we are always questioning, growing, learning how we can improve what we already know and use it for mutual benefit for us and our clients.

2008 – The beginning

Marks the start of our project. As all agencies, we have started small, with our first client making a phone call to us and us panicking and doing our best. This was the humble beginning of our journey, which showed that "We can do it".

2012 – Growing up

With an ever-growing client base, we have made the decision to expand our horizons by putting a greater focus on UX, UI and Technical SEO, which allowed our customers to reach into new depths of success.

2015 – Direction shift

There was a major shift in direction as we started to dabble in eCommerce online stores, answering the needs of our business partners. Becoming explorers and going into the unknown, learning of previously uncharted possibilities, is always an amazing experience.

2018 – More income generation

Our project moved in the direction of providing paid advertising services as a sure way to bring in more traffic to the projects we have been managing. This decision made it possible to generate more income for online stores.

2020 – Saving eCommerce

Due to COVID, we made even more effort in keeping businesses afloat, and we are proud to say, not one of them was affected. It has been a difficult battle as multiple brands relied on us at the same time. We managed.

2023 – Continous expansion

We continue to expand our horizons, and the first step is to provide a new website for our future growth.

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