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Pixeltro Offer is where your journey starts! Do we start from the very beginning, or do we improve what you already have? The choice is yours to make and whichever option will get you what you want, our digital agency services will be sure to deliver.


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Start from ZeroImprove what you have

Our Process? See how we work

For our clients, time is money, and we dislike wasting it.  As such, the process of getting in touch with us is divided in just 3 simple steps.



You browse our business offers and decide which one of it we can perform for you. As a full-cycle digital agency, Pixeltro can provide you with an array of opportunities, each serving the purpose of making your business grow and bear more profit.


You decide if you are brave enough to trust us after reviewing all of our efforts so far. Our rich portfolio, achieved badges, renowned partnerships and multiple testimonials speak for themselves.


In the most brave way, get in contact with us, and we will gladly answer all of your lingering questions. It’s as simple as writing to us a single e-mail!

Start From Zero

Let us help you research, plan and design your dream for you and develop a website or an online store which would be your unique place for promoting it. Pixel offer spans the wide range of digital agency services. We will make the best website on most popular WordPress engine and online store using WooCommerce.

    Improve What You Have

    If you already have a nice website or an online store, and wish to improve it to get better results, then we can definitely help. Review our services below, see what we can do for you, and contact us.

      Verification audit

      Find out if the website / shop that you already have is fully functional

      • R20-50 page website audit, depending on elements to improve
      • RTechnical SEO analysis in terms of website visibility in Google
      • RContent SEO analysis in terms of website quality in Google
      • RUX analysis to better understand user behavior
      • RTechnical analysis in terms of plugins, website security etc.

      Starting at €4,500 net

      Browser ranking (SEO)

      Your website is not high in the search engine? Find out how to change it!

      • RPreparation of the website development idea
      • RImproving the performance indicator
      • RUse of good practices valued by search engines
      • RImplementation of solutions enhancing website accessibility
      • RSetting up and implementing a sitemap

      Starting at €3,000 net

      More user traffic (SEM)

      Get more relevant users to your website with paid Advertisement on various channels

      • RCreating an advertising strategy
      • RCreation of advertising elements
      • RLaunching Google Ads, Bing Ads and Social Ads
      • RMonthly optimization of advertising activities
      • RImplementation of the company's business goals

      20% EUR net of monthly ad spend

      Beautiful graphics

      Change the design of the website in line with the latest trends

      • RNew graphic design
      • RNew logo design
      • RCreation of a brand book
      • ROptimization of the website's graphic elements
      • RCreating additional elements of visual identification

      Starting at €5,000 net

      Engaging content

      Our copywriters will write the best content for you that will make the users stay on the website longer

      • RHeadings in accordance with content SEO
      • REngaging paragraph text on the website
      • RInteresting articles for posts
      • RUnique product descriptions
      • RContent for social media

      Starting at €2,000 net / Month

      Reliable PR strategy

      Brand books and directives on how to proceed with your marketing dream

      • RClear outline of objectives
      • RKey messages
      • RKnowledge about target audience
      • RKnowledge about competition
      • RAll time relevancy

      Starting at €5,000 net

      Tech support and care

      100% uptime of your fast website without any errors and perfect deliverability

      • RReliable site care
      • RUpdating plugins and themes
      • RRepair of technical failures
      • RCare of the security of the site
      • RImprovement page speed

      Starting at €8,000 net

      Flawless analytics

      Get easy to understand reports each month that will tell you strong and weak points of your brand

      • RWebsite user acquisition report
      • RUser Engagement Report
      • RGoogle Ads and Social Ads report
      • RRevenue generation and conversion report
      • RDemographics report

      Starting at €1,500 net / month

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      Hundreds of business owners decided to trust us and in turn, we have helped them realize their vision. You can be next, all it takes is just one more step forward!



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